First step

What I should do at first and when you'll start?  

You can send  download-link, instructions and references for retouching at this email: or use our order form. The easiest way to get download-links for large files without registration is Though you can use any service that you like (Google Drive, Dropbox and etc.) just make sure your links are active. After receiving the photo and payment, for you will be assigned a personal retoucher from our team.


What is your price?

Price depends of complexity and have three levels for basic, standard and hi-end retouching. Also we have special offer for express-retouching during 24h. Please use our order form to request an evaluation of your photos.

How can I pay ?

We'll start work with full or half prepayment. Unpaid pics will send with watermarks and watermarks will remove after payment. You can recharge balance for your project via PayPal or Bank Transfer. If you need we can use  invoice or contract of service. 

How can I pay after receive my photos ?

We can work without prepayment if you ready to use our contract of service. The contract was created by our lawyer and is intended for cooperation with company which need cashless payment.


Can the Gorgeous.Agency refuse to accept the order?

Before being accepted each order passes a stage of approval. In the event the client’s instructions do not correspond to the chosen level of processing we can return the order for clarification of the task. Another reason for a refusal can be the insufficient size or low resolution of originals.

Are my photos subject to demonstration on the web-site?

The strictly observes the confidentiality policy. All the photos placed on the website as examples are demonstrated based on the author’s permit. We value our clients and respect the confidentiality of your data. We don't use other retouchers and work only with our team. You can be sure that your photos "before", as well as closed projects and editorial until the time of printing in the magazine will not be used by us without your permission.