First step

Before the start please make sure that you had sent us full instructions for retouching of your photos and that you told us the preferred color profile. Usually, we use srgb profile. We like to make an ideal result and in order to make that we need to know exactly what you want from us: what color correction is needed, what extra details need to be removed, and what reference we need to follow during work. EXAMPLE We work with photographers from different countries and the understanding of high-end retouching is different for everyone. Therefore do not hesitate to send us as detailed instructions as possible and we will try to do everything perfectly!

Our first step is the creation and approval of color correction. We will send you a photo without retouching but with a ready color correction and if you approve this option, then the rest of the photos will receive this color correction. Changing the color correction after approval has an additional payment. 


You can use up to 2 rounds of changes, but keep in mind that the latest changes should not be sent less than 24 hours before the deadline. Otherwise, deadline will increase in proportion with the volume of changes. Any changes after receiving ready and approved photos (including color correction), aswell as editing after the second round, will be charged with extra payment


All the photos that we send you for approval of color correction and changes will be of low resolution and with JPG format or watermark. After the approval of all the changes and color correction, we will send you photos in high resolution aswell as in the format of the TIFF. We do not send photos in the PSD format and if you need any changes we can make them within two rounds of corrections.